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About The Program

The Master Transformation Program is much more than just a program. It’s a sacred space for experiencing divine love, blessing, and healing. The cocoon of support that the program provides is the home of Divine Mother, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters. It is for this time on earth and specifically for you.

What the program provides is rare and important. It’s the missing foundation for spiritual growth. It’s not about knowledge or practices. It’s about spiritual healing that quietly transforms you from the deepest level of your being.

The primary focus of this next chapter of the program will be to establish a fundamental shift in your reality. Your subconscious awareness will begin to reprogram and relearn in alignment with divine truth and love. You may find that your experience of reality begins to change. You may notice that your beliefs and desires naturally evolve. As we immerse ourselves in the sacred space again and again, a very real transformation begins to manifest.

“I feel fortunate to have taken the Master Transformation Program for the last few years. The program is both deep and powerful. I look forward to starting my day receiving the energetic transmissions and hearing the profound wisdom that Matthew shares. If you’re wanting to experience a quantum leap in your awakening and consciousness, I highly recommend joining this program.”

— Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason

Four Pillars of Support

1A Sacred Space to Receive Blessing

The Master Transformation Program acts as a cocoon of energy and consciousness that provides you with a safe, protected space to receive healing and blessing.

2Multidimensional Activations

The Master Transformation Program provides energy activations that are communicated directly to your energy bodies from Divine Mother, the Divine Soul, Divine Mother Earth, the Archangels, and the Ascended Masters.

3Attunement to Spiritual Reality

This program provides an evolution of your belief system, not through challenge, but through nourishment. It works through energy and through touching the deepest places in your mind, your heart, and your past.

4Support for Fulfilling Your Life Purpose

The Master Transformation Program acts as an incubator of the seeds of wisdom, multidimensional memory, and the potential of your life. It is a vessel for your personal fulfillment as well as the fulfillment of your community and world family.

“Matthew Reifslager’s Master Transformation program is so beneficial at this point in our culture. With so much upheaval and confusion in the world, it has provided me with foundational energetic support for the past 3 years that keeps me centered in my own Being and nourishes me on a deep level. I highly recommend it.”

— Judy De La Rosa, Austin, Texas

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